Heroic deeds, quirky friendships and explosive action merge under the calming lens of mindfulness, but can the Buddybugzz become the most chilled out tribe the world has ever known?


Here’s a sneak peek at our cast and some of their quirky adventures!

Listed below are 8 story outlines of 52 x 7min episodes



The Fabugulous Foodie


Tenzo is a kind, caring soul, who loves to make BUDDYLICIOUS treats for his friends. He also loves humming, dressing up and dancing!

The Crafty Giggler


Zuki loves to sing, twirl and  giggle. She's brilliant at arts and crafts and gets excited about almost everything!

The Shy Drummer Bug


Zenji's very shy but has no problem making noise! Her pals always dance and sing whenever she plays her  BUGZZTACULAR Bodhrán!  

The Greenfingered Prankster


Zongo is a fun-loving rascal who loves to prank his pals! He's an awesome gardener and grows all sorts of food at his vegetable patch.

The Clever-clog


Wuzee is VERY clever and loves being in charge! She

likes making lists, planning 

and solving problems!

The Gloomy Glum Slug


Slimon the Slug feels miserable most of the time - and moans a lot! He loves his friends, but he's far too gloomy to tell them!


The Thinking Voice

When the Buddybugzz focus, find calm and breathe,

their thoughts come alive! 

BUDDY helps them to figure out their thoughts and feelings and is everyone's best friend.



Zuki promises to mind Zongo’s garden, but she takes a paddling break and returns to find his bright-green, fruitball plants have gotten sunburnt! She franticly tries to fix the problem but nothing works! Zongo arrives back and reveals that his fruitballs are in fact tomatoes which have ripened in the sun! He forgives Zuki, but she still feels awful! With Buddy’s guidance, Zuki realises that she needs to forgive someone too - herself



Slimon is sick, miserable and very gloomy! Tenzo nurses him for the day, but he soon discovers Slimon’s gloominess is just as contagious as his cold! With Buddy’s guidance, Tenzo learns how to handle his difficult friend and how to snap out of a bad mood through action and song.  READ MORE


Zuki’s fantastic day comes crashing down when Tenzo unintentionally destroys her painting during a game of hide and seek. Zuki is furious with Tenzo and he’s very upset! With Buddy’s help, Zuki realises that she overreacted and learns how to apologise when she’s in the wrong. Zuki also discovers that happy feelings don’t disappear… they’re just playing hide and seek!   READ MORE


Wuzee ventures off on her own in search of treasure. She discovers it in nature’s details, but she doesn’t want to share her forest finds! With Buddy’s help, Wuzee discovers that ‘giving’ feels fantastic and that friendship is the best treasure of all!   READ MORE


It’s Slimon’s birthday! Tenzo makes him a fantastic clay pot, but it cracks in the sun and his panic takes over! With some help from Buddy and the Tizzyflies, Tenzo realises that worrying is a waste of time and he discovers that some things fall apart - so better things can fall together!  READ MORE


When Zenji loses her drumstick, detective Wuzee comes to the rescue! She makes a plan and leads the gang in a search party while Tenzo stays behind to make lunch. Wuzee is very annoyed when he finds the drumstick and takes all her glory! But, with Buddy’s help, Wuzee learns that being happy for someone’s good luck, is much better than being jealous - and it feels much better too!    READ MORE


The gang discovers a baby turtle on Sandycove beach. Zenji loves her new friend at first sight and names her Myrtle. She is very upset when it’s time for Myrtle to leave, but with Buddy’s help, Zenji learns that she can always visit her pal in her memories and she realises just how lucky she is to have so many amazing friends!     READ MORE


Tenzo teaches the gang the Tango, but Zongo has two left feet and doesn’t have any fun at all! With Buddy’s help, Zongo discovers that learning to dance can be as easy as planting a seed… all he needs is a little time, patience and LOTS of practice!      READ MORE




It’s a scorching day in Hum Village. Zuki has promised Zongo that she’ll mind his garden while he gathers seeds at Mount Booboo. She is inspecting some bright green fruitballs when the gang passes by. They’re off to Tricklefalls for a paddle and a game of 'Focus Pocus' and they want her to join them. 

Zuki knows she should stay and mind the fruitballs, but it’s such a hot day! A little paddle can’t hurt! Zuki joins her friends but she doesn’t enjoy herself at Tricklefalls. She’s too worried about Zongo's garden to focus on the game… or anything else! Zuki rushes back to the garden but it’s too late! Oh no! Zongo’s bright-green fruitballs have turned bright red - they must be sunburnt! 

Zuki doesn’t know what to do! Can she fix them before Zongo returns? Zuki breathes deeply and Buddy appears. They try to find a solution. First, Zuki decides to drench the fruitballs in water, but she loses her balance and lands in the mud! Then, she rubs aloe vera on the sunburn, but that doesn’t work either! Zongo is due back any minute. She must do something – fast!

Zuki panics and decides to hide the sunburnt fruit - against Buddy’s advice! She frantically rummages through Zongo’s potting shed and finds a brown paper bag. This will do the job! She takes a crayon and draws big green balls on it and then covers the plant. Zuki hopes the camouflage will work and Zongo won’t notice the red fruitballs underneath.

The others arrive back and Zongo’s right behind them! His garden is a mess - and Zuki’s in a flap! Zongo notices the crayon-covered bag straight away! Oh no! A flustered Zuki confesses all, but he's not upset and forgives her straight away. It turns out that Zongo’s bright green fruitballs are in fact tomatoes, which have ripened in the sun! The gang are thrilled that Zongo’s buddylicious tomatoes are ready to eat. Tenzo makes tomato sandwiches and everyone’s delighted... that is, everyone except Zuki. Zongo has forgiven her but she still feels bad and she doesn’t understand why!

With some help from Buddy, Zuki realises that she must forgive - herself! Her stellar friend tells her about the four steps to forgiveness and Zuki takes the first step. All she needs to do is to notice her feelings… so far so good! The second step is to figure out why she has those feelings… Easy-peasy! The third step is to exhale those feelings away and inhale a bellyful of kindness… This feels awesome! 

For the fourth and final step, Buddy explains that to forgive someone you must show them kindness - even if that someone is Zuki herself! That wasn’t so difficult after all - she feels much better now! Zuki re-joins her friends and sings 'Forgiveness'. Zenji bangs on her drum and the gang join Zuki in song.



One… How am I feeling?
Two… Who made me feel like this?
Three… Let go and breathe in,
Four… Give kindness!



It's wintertime in Hum Forest! Poor Slimon has caught a cold but luckily for him, Tenzo loves to play nurse and he has the perfect nurse’s cap and visor for the job. 

Tenzo is eager to cheer his friend up and his buddylicious veggie soup should do the job nicely! He goes to fetch ingredients from Zongo’s garden, while Slimon snoozes on his couch.

The gang are having fun and tending to Humzzmas trees when Tenzo arrives, but when he tells them about Slimon’s cold - they all back away! Wuzee explains what contagious means and everyone worries that Tenzo might get sick too. Tenzo insists that he’s a very good nurse, promises to be careful and then flounces off home with a basket full of vegetables. The others watch him go and they realise that worry is contagious too!

Tenzo usually loves playing nurse - but not today - Slimon isn’t impressed with his buddylicious soup and says some very mean things about it! Now Tenzo feels miserable too! Has he caught Slimon’s cold? He calls on his Buddy for advice and together they discover that he HAS caught something… but it’s not a cold… he’s caught Slimon’s very contagious - GLUMZZ!  

Tenzo panics at first but he’s thrilled when Buddy explains that dancing is the best treatment! He’s boogieing his socks off when the rest of the gang knock on his door! They’ve brought his Humzzmas tree to cheer everyone up! 

Tenzo wiggles, bounces and bops as he tells his bewildered friends that he’s caught Slimon’s Glumzz. He explains that dancing is the cure… and it feels fa-BUG-ulous! 

Tenzo boogies and raps 'Gloomy Glum Glue' as the rest of the gang decorate his Humzzmas tree outside. It’s a contagious rhyme and soon everyone joins in - even Slimon bops to the beat! They all hum and wiggle as they finish decorating the tree. Tenzo is thrilled with the sparkling result. He smiles at his friends and they smile back and Tenzo realises that smiling is contagious too!


Gloomy glum is a sticky, gluey gum,
And gloomy-glum glue can stick to you!
To unstick the icky-sticky is not very tricky,
The trick’s to do it quickly,
When the icky-sticky glue, first sticks to you!
Dusty-dust, Jiggle-jiggle,
Snippety-snap, Waggle-wriggle,
Shim-shimmy, shake,
Shake it off to change your mood!
Do the wiggle-wriggle wormy,
Then the twerky-perky turkey,
Shim-shimmy, shake,
Shake it off to change your mood!


The table in Hum Village is covered in crayons and paint pots. The Buddybugzz have just finished drawing their feelings! Zuki feels fantastic! She’s drawn the sun and her page is full of orange crayon. Everyone is wondering about what to do next when they notice Slimon’s page. It’s covered in black paint! Poor Slimon! They decide to play his favourite game to cheer him up! Slimon loves hide and seek! Zuki covers her eyes while everyone hides.

Tenzo clambers under the table but his bottom sticks out and Zuki spots him instantly! I see you! Tenzo giggles as he crawls out, but the table topples over and paint flies everywhere! What a mess! Tenzo is shocked and very upset! The gang abandon their hiding spots to check on him, while Zuki runs to her painting. Oh, no! Her orange sun is covered in black paint! It’s even darker than Slimon’s artwork now. She throws it on the ground. Tenzo says he’s sorry but Zuki’s furious. ‘Sorry’ won’t make her painting better. She yells at him and stamps her foot but it sticks to her page. She tries to shake it off, but it won’t budge! 

Slimon enjoys the fiasco while the others giggle, but this makes Zuki more annoyed! She bends to pick up her artwork but… it’s disappeared! Humph! She spins around and stomps towards her hut. She doesn’t realise that her painting is stuck to her bottom! The gang erupt in giggles, except for Tenzo who sniffs away a tear. Zuki’s fuming now and she slams the door of her hut. BANG!

Zuki’s fantastic day has turned into the worst day ever. Can she make it better? She summonses her Buddy, who points out the window and Zuki notices her crestfallen friend. She can’t believe that one-minute Tenzo was so happy and the next so sad… and it’s all because of her! Zuki slumps down in a chair and discovers the painting on her bottom! So that’s why they were giggling! Even she can see the funny side now! With Buddy's help, Zuki realises that she overreacted and feels very ashamed. She rushes outside to apologise, but Tenzo and the gang hide when they see her. Nobody wants to be in Zuki’s line of fire!

Zuki sadly retreats to her hut. She can always make another painting, but she can never replace Tenzo -  She must show him exactly how sorry she is! Zuki and Buddy consider several grand gestures as she idly scratches at her art. 


Hold on! What’s that peeking out through the paint? She scratches some more and orange crayon appears! She continues until she’s scraped away a portrait of Tenzo. Oh-My-Gosh! This paint-scratched, crayon-painting is even better than her original art… It’s fa-BUG-ulous!

Zuki runs outside, but the gang hide from her… again! She climbs on top of the table and shouts out an apology to an empty Hum Village. Still unsure, the gang peer out from their hiding places and one by one they cautiously re-emerge. Zuki apologises to Tenzo and hugs him. He’s thrilled with his fa-bug-ulous portrait and forgives her straight away! Zenji bangs a beat and the gang all hum and dance along to her drum.


The gang have gathered at Sandycove after a wind-storm. They’re armed with burlap sacks and are tidying up the beach. Zenji is banging her drum and everyone is singing, 'We've got a sack each and we’re cleaning up the beach!' when Wuzee notices something glinting in the sun. What can it be? She looks closer. It’s a bottle and there’s a map inside. It must be a treasure map! Wuzee is very excited! She looks around. Nobody else has noticed! She could tell the others about her discovery but then she’ll have to share her fortune!

Wuzee makes her excuses and sneaks away to look for the treasure - all by herself! She races into the forest and rushes to where X marks the spot on her map. It’s Slimon’s cave! She rummages around his garden but doesn’t find any treasure! Wuzee’s disappointed so she calls on Buddy, who explains that treasure can be found anywhere… if you look hard enough! Wuzee happily realises that the pretty map in itself is a treasure! Wuzee plays Focus Pocus on her way back to the beach and discovers a garland of Chinese Lanterns, a golden sunflower and a lovely silvery stick. She marvels at every detail, before putting each item carefully in her sack. The others are going to be green with envy when they see her swag!

The gang have finished cleaning the beach and are playing pirates when Wuzee returns. They’re making a ship from their sacks which are now bulging with debris… It’s a friend-ship! Wuzee announces that she should be captain of the pirate ship because she’s found… TREASURE!  She whisks out her bag of swag and takes out the first item. Everyone Oohs and Ahhs when they see the heart-shaped Chinese lantern flowers… but Zongo and Tenzo are especially excited! The garland is bursting with buddylicious tomatoey fruit! Zongo would love to plant some in his garden and Tenzo would love to cook some for lunch! 

Wuzee gloats in their excitement and pulls out her second prize... the golden sunflower! Now Zuki is over the moon – it’s her favourite flower! Slimon smacks his lips. They’re his favourite snack too! Wuzee is very pleased with herself now. She pulls out her third find and Zenji’s eyes almost pop out when she sees it! The silvery branch would make a fantastic drumstick! Wuzee is now a very smug bug indeed! 

Wuzee finishes with her pièce de résistance – the treasure map! This time, Slimon is tickled pink! He’s been feeling quite forgetful recently so he’d drawn a map to his cave in case he got lost! He’d put it in a bottle for safekeeping and had been wondering where it had gotten to. Everyone rolls around giggling as Wuzee haughtily puts all of her treasure back in her sack. Well, it’s MY map now… finders keepers! The Buddybugzz gasp – What?! She’s not going to share!?

No one’s in the mood to play pirates now and the gang decide to go home. Wuzee doesn’t care! She’s off to enjoy the treasure all by herself! She finds a quiet corner, empties out her swag and looks at it again… but hold on, it doesn’t seem quite as exciting now! She’s found treasure, so why does she feel bad? 

Wuzee breathes deeply and her stellar friend appears. Buddy reminds her that her friends have more use for the treasure than she does… and her friends are more precious than any fortune. Wuzee feels ashamed and selfish! She suddenly realises that friendship is the best treasure of all! She races over to the gang and divides the swag among her delighted friends. Giving the treasure away feels way better than keeping it… and Wuzee feels amazing now! Zenji bangs her drum, Wuzee starts to dance and soon everyone joins in!


It’s Slimon’s birthday! The Buddybugzz want to throw him a party but Slimon says he doesn’t like birthday parties! He’d rather go home and wait for the day to pass! The Buddybugzz grant him his wish and Slimon slides off home. They’re very disappointed. They love parties but they love Slimon even more! They want to make him feel special on his birthday… but, how can they? Tenzo has an idea! Slimon may not like parties, but he does love presents! The gang watch as he mixes baking soda, cornflour and water in a pot and then heats it on his stove. Is he making a birthday cake? Tenzo shakes his head. He’s made clay dough! YIPPEE! 

The gang love making gifts out of clay! They get to work straight away and play Focus Pocus as they kneed and roll. But Tenzo is troubled! Everyone else has started and HE still doesn’t know what to make! Slimon is very hard to please! Tenzo makes a clay snail - but Slimon doesn’t have a shell... it might make him sad! He rolls a long snake in the clay but then he remembers that Slimon is terrified of snakes! Suddenly Tenzo smiles - I know! I’ll make him a useful pot… Slimon likes useful things! He wraps his clay snake around and around in a circle. WOW! Tenzo’s coil-pot is awesome! The gang finish up and take a quick nap as they wait for their gifts to dry.

The Buddybugzz wake and rush to inspect their gifts! Oh no! Tenzo's pot has cracked in the sun! There's no time to make another! The Buddybugzz try to comfort him but Tenzo is frantic! His pot is covered in tiny holes -  it’s not useful at all now! Tenzo panics - he grabs some lavender and jams it into the pot! Maybe Slimon won’t notice the cracks? His friends nod unconvincingly as they gather their gifts and they all head off to Slimon’s cave.

The Buddybugzz hear Slimon’s forlorn 'Happy Birthday to Me' song before they arrive. He’s sitting on his porch and wearing an ‘I Hate Parties T-shirt!’ He looks miserable but his face lights up when he sees his presents. Slimon does love presents! He begins to examine each one. Tenzo is very worried. What?! He’s INSPECTING the gifts?! Tenzo’s panic takes over, he abandons his pot, races off into the forest and doesn’t stop until he’s out of breath! 

He’s in a terrible state when the Tizzyflies appear and flutter around him! Tenzo knows he needs to calm down, so he calls on Buddy who helps him talk through his worries. Tenzo begins to list them off and, as he does, the Tizzyflies fly away with each one! Tenzo’s very relieved!

Tenzo returns to Slimon’s porch and begins to explain and apologise for his broken gift, but he stops mid-sentence - No one’s listening! Slimon’s porch is flickering with light and everyone is spellbound! 

Tenzo peers into his pot and sees the Tizzyflies inside. He had forgotten that Tizzyflies love Lavender! Their light is shining through the cracks and projecting star-like shapes onto the porch and Slimon is beaming! 'Oh Tenzo, YOUR gift is the best gift of all!' 

Tenzo is chuffed to bits! Tenzo explains that he had been very worried about giving Slimon a cracked pot, but then he realised that worrying doesn’t change a thing and that sometimes, some things fall apart so better things can fall together! Slimon hugs his present. You know, we're all a little cracked… but that doesn’t mean we're broken… cracks let our light shine out! Tenzo sings 'Tizzy Flies' and the gang join in and watch the Tizzyflies as they fade into the forest.


I’ve flutters in my tummy,
I’m feeling kinda ill,
How can I feel better? 
I’ll just breathe out and be still.
I’ll give my worry a name, 
And whisper it out loud,
I’ll whisper every name, 
That fills my worry cloud.
Then the Tizzyflies will come, 
And take each worry away,
The Tizzyflies will come, 
And I will be okay!


Wuzee and Zenji are in the Greenyard cleaning up after breakfast. Zenji throws an apple core in the trash and Wuzee tuts! THAT belongs in the compost bin! They finish up and join the others who are humming at the village table. Zenji picks up her drum to join in – but her tipper has disappeared! Oh no, where can it be?! There won't be any drumming until it’s found! Everyone is upset, except for Wuzee. She’s excited! She quizzes Zenji and writes every detail down on her clipboard. Wuzee loves playing detective! She considers herself an expert at solving mysteries, making lists and being in charge. She prepares a detailed action plan and forms a search party, while Tenzo stays behind to make lunch.

Zenji had meditated at Sandycove that morning so Wuzee gathers the troops and they go to the beach. When they arrive, she instructs the gang to dig where Zenji had been – just in case the tipper had gotten buried in the sand! Wuzee barks out orders as she oversees the digging. They dig and dig, but the tipper isn’t there! Wuzee ticks Sandycove off her list and does a headcount. Oh no! Slimon’s missing now! They hear spluttering and look over to see Slimon’s head appearing from a mound of sand. He'd taken a nap and gotten buried – and he isn’t very happy about it at all! Next on Wuzee’s list is Zongo’s garden. Zenji had gone there to collect apples for breakfast. The gang arrive at the apple tree and Wuzee orders Zongo to climb it –  just in case a bird had flown into its branches with the tipper in its beak! Zongo reluctantly climbs the tree, but the tipper isn’t there. An apple falls on his head. Ouch! It bounces on the ground and then rolls into a nearby hole. Wuzee adds the hole to her list  and insists that Slimon slides into it – just in case the tipper had rolled inside. Slimon grudgingly does what he’s told, but the tipper isn’t there. He emerges, covered in mud with a worm on his head. Poor Slimon! Wuzee ticks Zongo’s garden off her list. The gang, who are tired and getting grumpy, ask her where they are off to next. 'Hum Village,' she says. Everyone beams at each other in relief. 'For lunch?' they ask, hopefully. 'Lunch? No way! We will not rest until the tipper is found!' Wuzee punches the air as Slimon’s tummy rumbles loudly. A confident Wuzee marches back home, followed by her disappointed friends.

Tenzo looks down at the village table and smacks his lips! Yummy! He’s made all of Zenji’s favourites, a lettuce roll, beanie bangers and mash, and carrot drumsticks. You can’t beat carrot drumsticks! He gathers the peelings and leftover ingredients and disappears into the Greenyard. These will make great compost! 

The gang’s jaws drop when they arrive back and see Tenzo’s feast, but Wuzee tuts with disapproval! 'We can’t eat now. There’s only one more place on my list!' Slimon’s tummy rumbles again as Wuzee strides  towards Zenji’s hut. 'Follow me! I know where the tipper is!' The gang sigh and are about to follow her when Tenzo emerges from the Greenyard waving Zenji’s tipper in the air. 'Is this what you’re looking for? I just found it in the compost bin!' Zenji had thrown it out by accident after breakfast! YIPPEE! The gang burst into applause. Hurrah for Tenzo! They congratulate him and commend his detective skills. Tenzo blushes, 'I didn’t do much! It was just kinda sitting there!' The hungry gang tuck into Tenzo’s delicious feast and praise him some more! Zenji is very relieved and everyone’s thrilled… but Wuzee’s in a sulk! She stomps over to the Greenyard, crumples up her list and throws it in the bin! Why is Tenzo getting all the praise? He found the tipper, by accident! The gang should be praising her! She made an awesome plan and supervised a search party! It’s not fair at all! Wuzee breathes deeply and calls on Buddy. She lets off steam and Buddy calms her down.

With Buddy’s help, Wuzee sees that she’d been a complete bossy boots – and her friends had paid the price! It’s no surprise that they praised Tenzo, he made everyone happy when he found Zenji’s tipper… and he deserves his praise! Wuzee suddenly realises that she had been jealous! Buddy explains that being happy for a friend’s good luck is much better than being jealous... and it feels much better too! Wuzee feels fabulous now! She returns to the table where everyone is eating and humming. Zenji’s playing her drum and beaming from ear to ear! Wuzee skips over to her and Tenzo and hugs them both before singing 'Happy for you, ooh, ooh.'


Ooh, ooh-ooh! I’m happy for you, ooh-ooh!
When you’re happy, I’m happy too, ooh-ooh!
Yeay, hey-hey! You’ve had a great day, hey-hey!
I’m happy things are going your way, hey-hey!
Ooh, ooh-ooh! I’m happy for you, ooh-ooh!
When you’re happy, I’m happy too, ooh-ooh!
And boo, hoo-hoo, to anyone who, hoo-hoo!
To anyone who-hoo, isn’t happy for you, ooh-ooh!
Ooh, ooh-ooh! I’m happy for you, ooh-ooh!
When you’re happy, I’m happy too, ooh-ooh!


The Buddybugzz are playing Focus Pocus at Sandycove when they notice a strange-looking rock wrapped in seaweed and plastic. Wuzee explains how plastic can affect sea creatures, when suddenly… a head pops out! It’s a baby Turtle and she’s been washed up on the beach! The gang are very surprised, it’s unusual to see turtles at this time of year as they usually travel to warmer waters in autumn. 

Zenji looks deep into the turtle’s eyes and they love each other straight away. The gang know that they should never touch wildlife, but the turtle can’t swim with the plastic around her shell, so Zenji carefully untangles her. The turtle scuttles back into the sea and everyone's thrilled that they saved the day – apart from Zenji. She stays on the beach playing a sad tune while the others head back to Hum Village.


All of a sudden, she hears a clapping sound beside her. The turtle has returned and is giving her a round of applause! YIPPEE! Zenji’s thrilled! She names her Myrtle and they play together until bedtime. Zenji doesn’t want to say goodbye to her new friend or go to bed. 'You’ll come back tomorrow though, right...? Promise?' Myrtle shivers, looks out to sea, looks back at Zenji and then nods. 'Phew! See you in the morning!'

At dawn the next day, Zenji races down to Sandycove and finds her new pal waiting for her. Hurray! She gathers seaweed for Myrtle’s breakfast and then they drum and dance together, play peekaboo and have a super time! The day passes quickly and when evening falls, they hold hands and meditate in the sunset. Zenji loves her new friend very much, but now it’s time for bed and Zenji doesn’t want to leave. 'You’ll come back tomorrow though, right...? Promise?' This time Myrtle sadly shakes her head. She shivers and points out to sea where her family are sitting on a rock, waiting and beckoning for her to join them. 

Zenji hugs Myrtle tightly -and won’t let her go! Myrtle shivers and points to her family again but Zenji is very upset! They hug and cuddle on the beach until Zenji falls asleep. Myrtle blinks away a tear as she looks down at her sleeping friend. She bends down to kiss Zenji’s head before joining her family in the water.

The gang gather around the village table to paint pictures the following afternoon. But there’s no sign of Zenji - and she’d missed breakfast too! She still hasn’t surfaced by lunchtime so Zuki heads down to the beach with a picnic basket and finds her friend all by herself, playing a sad tune on her bodhrán. 

Zuki gives Zenji a big hug when she hears that Myrtle has gone back to her family. Poor Zenji! She’s too sad to eat her picnic lunch and would like to be on her own for a bit. Zuki hugs her again and then reluctantly heads back to Hum Village to tell the others the bad news. 

Zenji feels very sad so she breathes deeply and Buddy appears. Buddy reminds her that Myrtle and her family needed to find warmer waters for wintertime, but they'll be back again in spring. Buddy tells her: Goodbyes are only sad when we love someone… and when we love someone, a piece of them always lives in our heart! When they're in our heart, we can remember them whenever we want! So if we look at it like that… that someone never really goes away at all!

Zenji realises how lucky she is to have made such a special friend. She’s incredibly grateful for all of her wonderful friends! She suddenly understands why Myrtle needed to return to her family - Zenji could never leave her gang for very long!  She hears humming in the distance and looks up to see her pals heading her way and they’re carrying a huge painting of Myrtle to remember her by! Zenji's thrilled! They sit down on the sand together. Zenji picks up her bodhrán while the gang hold hands and hum along with her tune.


The gang are gathered in front of Tenzo in the centre of Hum village. He’s teaching everyone how to… TANGO! He shows them the basics and then they partner up – Tenzo is with Zenji, Zuki is with Wuzee and Zongo is paired with Slimon! Everyone is humming and dancing and having a fabulous time – except for Slimon! Zongo keeps standing on his tail! Ouch! Slimon eventually loses his patience! 'How can I dance with this clumsy clown? He has two left feet!' Zongo’s very embarrassed. 'At least I HAVE feet!' Slimon’s jaw drops and his bottom lip quivers. 'It’s not my fault that I’m different.' The gang stop dancing and rush to comfort him. Zongo’s very frustrated, he’s a terrible dancer – and he knows it! 'Dancing is stupid, I’m outta here!' 

Zongo storms off to his potting shed. He feels comfortable and confident there. He wallops compost into his pots. Slimon was right. He does have two left feet and he’s bugged that he’s not as good as the others. 'I know! I’ll teach myself to dance. I’ll show them!' He clears a space in his shed and ties two beanpoles together in a cross. Umm… it’s missing something! Zongo grabs a sack, draws Slimon’s face on it and ties it to the poles. Woohoo! He has a dancing partner now! Zongo hums the tango tune and then taps his foot – and now for the dance moves!

He takes three steps, but stands on his own toe! Ouch! He hops around clutching his foot and then tries again. This time he gets tangled up in his ‘partner’ and lands on his bottom with a bump! Grrrr. This isn’t fun at all! He picks himself up and has another go, but his feet won’t do what they’re told! He’s so frustrated that he trips, crashes into his cupboard and his tools fall out on top of him. A small plant pot teeters on the edge and then falls on his head. Poor Zongo!

Zongo sighs, he knows that he needs help, so he breathes deeply and Buddy arrives on the scene. Zongo pours his heart out to him. 'It’s no fun doing things you’re terrible at, especially when you keep falling over!' Buddy reassures him: 'It’s ok to fall a hundred times, as long as we get up a hundred and one!' A determined Zongo slowly gets to his feet and starts to dance. Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow… It’s not so difficult after all! Zongo’s confidence grows and his momentum does too! He’s in the groove now! Buddy urges him to slow down. 'Take it easy Zongo!' But Zongo doesn’t hear him. He’s too busy spinning around his shed! He has no control over his feet now… they have a mind of their own! 

Zongo’s panic increases and he squeezes his ‘partner’ tighter and tighter! Be careful Zongo! But it’s too late, the beanpoles break apart, fly across the room and Zongo lands in a pile of compost! Oh no! He’s covered in muck!

Zongo sits in the dirt and groans. He’s had enough and wants to give up. How can his friends find dancing so easy, when he can’t get the hang of it? Buddy comforts him and tells him that nobody is good at everything. His friends may be able to dance, but no one can grow vegetables like he can! Zongo shakes the compost off and looks around at his beloved plants. 'I wish dancing was as easy as growing fruit and vegetables.' Buddy explains that learning new things is like gardening. A seed will always be a seed unless you plant it, but if you do plant that seed and care for it every day, it will grow into something beautiful. Zongo understands that gardening takes time and patience, and he suddenly grasps that dancing does too. All he needs is a little more time, patience… and lots of practice! Zongo fixes his ‘partner’ and starts again… a little slower this time!

The gang are sitting down to supper when Zongo appears. He makes his way over to Slimon and offers him his hand. Slimon takes it and Zongo starts humming the Tango. Zenji accompanies him on her drum and the excited gang hum along too! Zongo’s nervous now! He takes his first step but… he stands on Slimon’s tail! Slimon squeals, but Zongo apologises and gives him a rose. Slimon’s tickled pink! He puts it in his mouth and the gang clap in encouragement. Zongo focuses, breathes deeply and starts the dance again. They tango in the moonlight while Zongo sings 'Little Seed'. The gang join Slimon and Zongo on the dance floor. They’re thrilled! Zongo looks around at his smiling friends and realises that dancing can be great fun…  with a little time and a little patience!

(Tune ref: La Cumparsita)   

A seed’s just a seed, if you don’t plant it, 
That’s all it will be, but if you plant it,
Then you will see, that little seed grow!
Dum, dum-dum, dee-dum, dum!
All a seed needs, is time and patience,
But you must believe, with time and patience,
That you will see, that little seed grow!
Dum, dum-dum, dee-dum, dum!
The seed’s just like me, all I need is  
To trust and believe, with time and patience,
That I will see, that little me grow!
Dum, dum-dum, dee-dum, dum!

Image: Tango Seed


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