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Heroic deeds, quirky friendships and explosive action merge under the calming lens of mindfulness - Here’s a sneak peek at some of the Buddybugzz' quirky adventures!


Series 52 episodes - 7min
Click on Zuki, Tenzo, Zongo or Zenji to read or download four of our Buddybugzz scripts!




Zuki takes a break from minding Zongo’s vegetable patch and she’s horrified when she discovers that his Fruitballs got sunburnt while she was away! She panics and hides the ‘evidence’, but after a quick chat with Buddy, Zuki decides to "Stand Up and Face the Music" and admit her mistake to Zongo. He quickly forgives Zuki and reveals that his fruitballs are in fact tomatoes which have ripened in the sun!   READ MORE



The Buddybugzz celebrate Blueberry Day in Hum Forest! Slimon ‘helps’ Tenzo make a Ginormous Blueberry Pie, but Tenzo soon discovers that Slimon’s grumpy mood is very contagious! With Buddy’s guidance, Tenzo learns how to "Dance The Grumps Away!" and snap out of a bad mood through action and song.  READ MORE



The gang are playing a mindful guessing game when Zongo plays a prank on Wuzee, but she doesn't find it funny AT ALL! With a little help from Buddy, Zongo learns the difference between laughing AT someone and laughing WITH them and discovers that "No one Wants to be the Butt of a Joke"  READ MORE



The Buddybugzz decide to have a yodelling competition, but musical Zenji panics and the Tizzyflies surround her. She’s never yodelled before - what if she tries and fails? With some help from Buddy, Zenji learns that trying new things can be scary - but they can be LOTS of fun too!  READ MORE



Tenzo teaches the gang the Tango, but Zongo has two left feet and doesn’t have any fun at all! With Buddy’s help, Zongo discovers that learning to dance can be as easy as planting a seed… all he needs is a little time, patience and LOTS of practice!  READ MORE



Wuzee ventures off on her own in search of treasure. She discovers it in nature’s details, but she doesn’t want to share her forest finds! With Buddy’s help, Wuzee discovers that ‘giving’ feels fantastic and that friendship is the best treasure of all!   READ MORE



When Zenji loses her drumstick, detective Wuzee comes to the rescue! She makes a plan and leads the gang in a search party while Tenzo stays behind to make lunch. Wuzee is very annoyed when he finds the drumstick and takes all her glory! But, with Buddy’s help, Wuzee learns that being happy for someone’s good luck, is much better than being jealous - and it feels much better too!    READ MORE



Zuki’s fantastic day comes crashing down when Tenzo unintentionally destroys her painting during a game of hide and seek. Zuki is furious with Tenzo and he’s very upset! With Buddy’s help, Zuki realises that she overreacted and learns how to apologise when she’s in the wrong. Zuki also discovers that happy feelings don’t disappear… they’re just playing hide and seek!   READ MORE




It’s a scorching day in Hum Village. Zongo has gone to Mount Booboo and he’s left Zuki in charge of watering his vegetable patch while he’s away. Zuki is excited to help but she doesn’t know much about gardening! She spots a bush of unripened tomatoes and is fascinated by how green they are. She names them ‘fruitballs’ and is just about to water one when a little frog pops out of her watering can. He is very unhappy in the heat.  Abandoning her post, Zuki decides to bring him home to Bubble Brook, as she leaves the ‘fruitballs’, begin to change colour and ripen in the sun.


Zuki has just dropped Froggy off at Bubble Brook when she hears Tenzo calling her name. He’s paddling downstream with Zenji and Wuzee while Slimon lounges beside them in the sun. They’re playing 'Focus Pocus'. Zuki joins in the mindful game and forgets that she is supposed to be minding Zongo’s garden! The game ends abruptly with a shriek from Slimon who is overcome with the heat. The gang rush to help the sunburnt slug. Zuki is giving him some water when she suddenly remembers Zongo’s garden! She races back but it’s too late - Zongo’s green fruitballs have turned bright red in the sun!


Zuki is beside herself, she thinks the green ‘fruitballs’ have become sunburnt just like Slimon! She tries to think of a way to fix the problem before Zongo returns and panics when she realises that she left her watering can at Bubble Brook! Just then she hears chattering in the distance and looks over to see all of the Buddybugzz walking towards the garden – Zongo included! Zuki quickly decides to conceal the evidence - she picks the fruitballs and hides them in a crate in Zongo’s potting shed.


Inside the potting shed Zuki hears Zongo looking for her but she is too scared to come out - ‘Oh-my-gosh I’m in so much trouble!’.  Unsure of what to do she takes a SLOW-MENT with Buddy (inner voice character). She breathes slowly, puts her hand on her heart, closes her eyes and sings softly until Buddy appears from her forehead in a stream of magical sparkles. Zuki talks through her dilemma with her pal and she and Buddy sing ‘Stand Up and Face the Music’ together, which gives Zuki the strength to admit her mistake to Zongo.


When we do something wrong,

Sing this song and be strong,

And stand up and face the music!


Just look into their eyes,

Own up! Apologise!

And stand up and face the music!

I’ll breathe in and I’ll be brave,

I’ll ‘fess up and then exhale,

I’ll stand up and face the music!


Zuki’s in mid-song when Zongo suddenly appears at the shed door and Buddy disappears with a poof. Zuki recalls Buddy’s advice, takes a deep breath and bravely shows Zongo the crate of red ‘fruitballs’. She apologises for leaving the garden and for allowing his ‘fruitballs’ to get sunburnt.


She feels much better after confessing and is ready for the consequences, but much to her surprise, Zongo is not mad at all - he seems very pleased! He picks up the crate and grins. ‘Fruitballs? These are tomatoes! They’re not burnt, they’re ripe – a perfect shade of tomatoey red!’ Zuki feels a little silly when she hears this, but she’s very relieved! With no hard feelings between them, they happily join their friends. Everyone sits down to eat a buddylicious tomato salad for dinner!


It's Blueberry Day in Hum Forest, one of the Buddybugzz favourite holidays! Tenzo has gone to Zongo’s hut to collect him and the blueberries that they’ll need to bake a GINORMOUS BLUEBERRY PIE - the gangs favourite Blueberry Day tradition!


Zongo and Tenzo always bake the Ginormous Blueberry Pie together, but Zongo cant help Tenzo today – he’s caught a cold! Zongo knows how contagious colds can be and he doesn’t want Tenzo or anyone else to catch it. Tenzo is very disappointed ‘I guess we’ll just have to celebrate Blueberry Day without pie this year...’  


Slimon is passing by and overhears the conversation. He is disgusted! Ginormous Blueberry Pie is his favourite part of the holiday and he’s very grumpy to hear that it’s been cancelled. He folds his arms, stamps his tail and insists that Tenzo doesn’t need Zongo’s help to make it. ‘But of course, you can bake it on your own! You’re Tenzo - YOU can bake ANYTHING!’ Tenzo is explaining why it’s a job for two, when Zongo has an idea - Slimon could help Tenzo! Slimon moans, groans but then reluctantly agrees - he secretly likes the idea of being a hero and saving the day!


With a chuckle, Zongo warns Tenzo that Slimon’s grumpy mood might be contagious, like his cold - but Tenzo isn’t bothered. He’s just delighted to have a helper after all. He and his new ‘sous-chef’ leave with two bulging sacks of blueberries. On their way to Tenzo’s kitchen they pass by Wuzee, Zenji and Zuki who are taking a break from making Blueberry Day decorations. Slimon slides over to join them and Tenzo reluctantly follows. He doesn’t want to stop, if they don’t start baking soon they might not have enough time to make the pie!


Wuzee is alarmed to hear there was a problem with the ginormous blueberry pie. She’s overseeing the day’s festivities with military precision, so she is very relieved to hear that Slimon has stepped in to help. She reminds Tenzo and Slimon that the pie must be ready at noon! Slimon haughtily tells her that he has everything under control and then leads Tenzo off to his kitchen.


They park the wheelbarrow of blueberries outside Tenzo’s hut and go inside. Tenzo proudly welcomes Slimon to his kitchen - or his ‘Den of Zen’ as he likes to call it! Slimon isn’t impressed and doesn't attempt to hide his boredom as they begin to mix the ingredients. They empty one sack of blueberries into a giant bowl and Tenzo reprimands Slimon for attempting to steal a berry. They’ll need every single one to make a truly ginormous pie! Getting a little irritated, he sends Slimon outside to fetch the rest of the fruit while he gets on with the bake.


Tenzo loves baking mindfully! He is so absorbed in the task that it’s quite some time before he notices that Slimon hasn’t returned. To his horror, he finds Slimon outside dozing in the wheelbarrow with a big full belly. He’s eaten half the blueberries! Tenzo is exasperated - Now there aren’t enough to make a Ginormous Blueberry pie! Slimon continues to nap as Tenzo races back inside. Wuzee will be arriving to collect the pie soon! With the clock ticking and half the blueberry supply gone, the only thing Tenzo can do, is to make an average-sized blueberry pie… all by himself.


Tenzo pulls the finished pie from the oven and Slimon wakes up from his nap, as the clock chimes mid-day. Tenzo is exhausted and flustered after working so hard on his own. He’s quite grumpy now and gets even grumpier when Slimon smiles smugly at him. ‘I KNEW you could do it on your own!’ Tenzo glares at Slimon just as Wuzee, Zenji and Zuki arrive to collect the pie.


Wuzee is surprised by its less than ginormous size but she is enamoured by its delicious smell! Slimon explains that they had a minor problem with their blueberry supply which makes Tenzo even grumpier. After a thorough examination, Wuzee declares the blueberry pie a great success! In fact, she says it’s a perfect size - last year’s pie had been far too ginormous for them all! Slimon grumpily replies, ‘Glad somebody is happy! This really was a waste of my day!’ This is the last straw for Tenzo and he storms off to his room.


Alone in his room Tenzo is overwhelmed with emotion and realises that he needs a chat with his Buddy. He breathes slowly, puts his hand on his heart, closes his eyes and sings softly. Buddy appears from his forehead in a stream of magical sparkles.


Tenzo talks through his feelings and explains his bad mood to his pal and much to his dismay, Buddy diagnoses him with a bad dose of The Grumps -  and it looks like he caught them off Slimon! Tenzo can’t believe it, 'The Grumps? Oh no! Zongo warned me about them!'


Tenzo is both relieved and delighted when Buddy tells him that dancing is the best cure for The Grumps! His grumpy mood soon disappears when he and his pal sing an upbeat song.



Look at the sun, stretch your arms up high,

bend a leg, put an elbow on your thigh!

We’re gonna dance the grumps away!

Way hey, dance the grumps away!


Be a kangaroo and jump around,

Flap like a bird, then wiggle to the ground!

Jump up, then criss-cross those knees!

Dance like a robot, then sway like a tree!


Point at the floor and then at the sky,

So long Grumpy Grumps, say bye, bye!

We’re gonna dance the grumps away!

Way hey, dance the grumps away!


Buddy and Tenzo dance together until Wuzee comes looking to see if Tenzo is okay. Buddy disappears with a poof and Tenzo replies ‘Fahhhh-bugulous Wuz! I just needed some ME Time!’. They leave for the Blueberry Day party together.


Blueberry day is in full swing when Tenzo joins the gang outside Zongo’s hut. Everyone thinks his pie is buddy-licious and complements his baking skills. Tenzo feels bad for having stormed off earlier and apologises to his friends. ‘Sorry if I was a bit grumpy back there...But not anymore! ‘Coz I danced The Grumps away!' Tenzo breaks into song and dance, everyone joins in and The Buddybugzz have a fabug-ulous Blueberry Day party – even Slimon!  


The Buddybugzz and Slimon are hanging out together playing their version of charades - a fun mindful game called 'Guess how I’m Feeling!' Zuki stands on the picnic table as the other Bugzz gather around. Together they clap and chant, ‘How am I feeling can you see? How am I feeling - one, two, three!’ On three Zuki strikes a dramatic pose - she has a powerful look of determination on her face and is standing tall like a superhero! The Bugzz study her body language. Zenji guesses that Zuki is feeling pink and Wuzee has to explain that pink is not a feeling! Slimon yawns widely and says he feels like a nice long nap. Eventually, Wuzee guesses correctly – ‘You’re feeling brave!’ Zuki is delighted.

Just then Tenzo arrives with ice cream for everybody and jokes – ‘Anyone feeling hungry?!’ As he is handing out cones to his delighted friends he remembers that he left his buddy-licious strawberry sauce back in his kitchen. Everyone loves Tenzo’s strawberry sauce, especially Wuzee and Zongo, so Zongo offers to fetch it.

As Zongo rummages through Tenzo’s sauce cupboard, he almost mistakes a bottle of hot chilli sauce for strawberry sauce because the bottles look exactly the same! This gives mischievous Zongo an idea! He grabs the hot chilli sauce and runs back outside to the gang.

Outside the Bugzz are still playing the Guess How I’m Feeling game and it’s Wuzee’s go. She is licking her ice cream when Zongo arrives and passes the bottle to her. Thinking it’s strawberry sauce, Wuzee squirts a large dollop on her cone and takes a big lick. Suddenly she gasps, frantically fans her face and then runs around looking for water. Slimon enjoys the spectacle and takes advantage of the game – ‘Are you feeling… surprised?’ he asks, ‘How about uncomfortable…? Oh, I know! Overwhelmed!’


Steam whistles from Wuzee's ears as she guzzles down a vase of water. Zongo rolls around laughing, but Tenzo, Zuki and Zenji are concerned – their friend looks distressed! They are annoyed when they realise that Zongo has played a trick on Wuzee and switched the Strawberry Sauce for Hot Chili Sauce . ‘Buddybugzz never waste food!’ 


Furious, Wuzee storms off to her hut. The gang follow her leaving Zongo alone. He’s very confused! He thinks the prank was funny and can’t understand why Wuzee is so upset. Maybe Buddy can throw some light on the situation? Zongo breathes slowly, puts his hand on his heart and sings softly until his best pal appears from his forehead in a stream of magical sparkles. With the help of a friendly hedgehog, Buddy helps him to understand the difference between laughing with someone and laughing at them, by singing a funny song.


We can giggle at a friend,
if they jiggle their rear end,
Just as long as they INTEND 
to make us grin,
But don’t forget this golden rule
Laughing AT them isn’t cool!
Laugh WITH them… Play the fool 
and EVERYONE wins!

Zongo suddenly understands what he did wrong. Buddy’s song turns super funky and Zongo joins in dancing and rapping - ‘No one wants to be the butt of a joke!’

Zongo visits Wuzee a little while later, to say sorry and to offer her a massive ice-cream cone as an apology. She is meditating when he arrives and doesn’t want to be disturbed. But, once she realises that Zongo has seen the error of his ways, she’s more than happy to accept his apology and his buddy-licious peace offering! They race out of Wuzee’s hut dressed as MC’s, jump onto the picnic table and start rapping ‘No one Wants to be the Butt of a Joke’ using wooden spoon microphones. Zenji bangs her drum and joins in as the rest of the Buddybugzz come running over. The gang sing and dance together, delighted that everyone is friends again!


We can giggle at a friend,
if they jiggle their rear end,
Just as long as they INTEND 
to make us grin,
But don’t forget this golden rule
Laughing AT them isn’t cool!
Laugh WITH them… Play the fool 
and EVERYONE wins!
No one wants to be the butt of a joke. 
Butt of a joke. 
Butt of a joke.
No-one wants to be the butt of a joke. 
Butt of a jo-ooo-oke.



It’s recycling day in Hum Forest and the Buddybugzz are busy in The Green Yard sorting through their recyclables. Someone is playing a bodhrán drum and the Bugzz are having great fun working to the beat. The sounds they make create layers of percussion with the drumming – the rattle of tin cans, the clink of glass bottles, the rips and scrunch of paper. The Bugzz dance and hum along cheerfully while Wuzee directs the action from her supervisor’s highchair. We catch glimpses of the mystery drummer dancing between them, a flash of green fur here, a drumming shadow there - who can it be?! Tenzo breaks into a panpipe solo and the drumming builds to a climax before a dramatic stop. There atop a barrel the drummer is revealed – Zenji! The Buddybugzz clap and cheer – musical Zenji makes recycling day so much fun!


Suddenly Zenji hears something. Everyone stops to listen to the faint song drifting through the village. They are perplexed! The gang decide to find out where it’s coming from. They walk through Hum Forest wondering what or who could be the source of the unusual music, a mysterious songbird perhaps, or a singing flower? They round a bend in the forest and there before them is neither a songbird nor a singing flower but their slug friend Slimon, yodelling into his cave with all his might! What’s more the Bugzz are amazed to see his cave echo the yodel back - and what a fabugulous sound it makes! Unfortunately, Slimon gets the fright of his life - he didn’t realise he had an audience!


The Buddybugzz have never heard of yodelling and Slimon demonstrates how to do it. They are very impressed and decide to have a yodelling competition with Slimon as the judge. Wuzee thinks she will win but she is quickly reminded that Zenji is the most musical bug of all and will probably take home the trophy! With this Zenji becomes very nervous, it’s too much pressure. To her dismay the Tizzyflies arrive.


As her friends prepare for the competition, Zenji slips away to the forest unnoticed. Much to her annoyance, the Tizzyflies follow fluttering about her and talking gibberish. Zenji takes a calming breath and her Buddy appears. Buddy encourages her to say her worries out loud. Zenji explains how she is scared because she has never yodelled before and that she is afraid she will be terrible at it! To her amazement as she expresses her fears the Tizzyflies fly away until there is only a couple left. Buddy suggests that trying something new could be fun and cheers Zenji up with a little yodel song. Zenji tentatively joins in and before long she is yodelling away, making the song her own, with the beat of her bodhrán drum.


The last of the Tizzyflies leave and Zenji re-joins her friends with a newfound confidence. As the gang dance and yodel Zenji’s song, Slimon is so impressed that he declares her the winner of the competition!



If I-hi-eye, am feelin’ too shy-hee-hee,

To take a chance at something new-hee-hoo

I-hee-hee, will at least try-hee-eye,

Coz’ trying, is fun, to do-hee-hoo,

Yodel-hay-hee-hee, deoh-lay-hee-ho,

I’ll try, I’ll give it a go-hee-ho,

Yodel-hay-hee-hee, deoh-lay-hee-ho,

I’ll try, I’ll give it a go-hee-ho,

If I-hee eye, end up feelin’ sill-he-hee,

Or even if I fay-hay-hail

I’ll know that I-hee-eye,

I at least try-hee-heed!

I tried and I was bra-hee-ave!


The gang are gathered in front of Tenzo in the centre of Hum village. He’s teaching everyone how to… TANGO! He shows them the basics and then they partner up – Tenzo is with Zenji, Zuki is with Wuzee and Zongo is paired with Slimon! Everyone is humming and dancing and having a fabulous time – except for Slimon! Zongo keeps standing on his tail! Ouch! Slimon eventually loses his patience! 'How can I dance with this clumsy clown? He has two left feet!' Zongo’s very embarrassed. 'At least I HAVE feet!' Slimon’s jaw drops and his bottom lip quivers. 'It’s not my fault that I’m different.' The gang stop dancing and rush to comfort him. Zongo’s very frustrated, he’s a terrible dancer – and he knows it! 'Dancing is stupid, I’m outta here!' 

Zongo storms off to his potting shed. He feels comfortable and confident there. He wallops compost into his pots. Slimon was right. He does have two left feet and he’s bugged that he’s not as good as the others. 'I know! I’ll teach myself to dance. I’ll show them!' He clears a space in his shed and ties two beanpoles together in a cross. Umm… it’s missing something! Zongo grabs a sack, draws Slimon’s face on it and ties it to the poles. Woohoo! He has a dancing partner now! Zongo hums the tango tune and then taps his foot – and now for the dance moves!

He takes three steps, but stands on his own toe! Ouch! He hops around clutching his foot and then tries again. This time he gets tangled up in his ‘partner’ and lands on his bottom with a bump! Grrrr. This isn’t fun at all! He picks himself up and has another go, but his feet won’t do what they’re told! He’s so frustrated that he trips, crashes into his cupboard and his tools fall out on top of him. A small plant pot teeters on the edge and then falls on his head. Poor Zongo!

Zongo sighs, he knows that he needs help, so he breathes deeply and Buddy arrives on the scene. Zongo pours his heart out to him. 'It’s no fun doing things you’re terrible at, especially when you keep falling over!' Buddy reassures him: 'It’s ok to fall a hundred times, as long as we get up a hundred and one!' A determined Zongo slowly gets to his feet and starts to dance. Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow… It’s not so difficult after all! Zongo’s confidence grows and his momentum does too! He’s in the groove now! Buddy urges him to slow down. 'Take it easy Zongo!' But Zongo doesn’t hear him. He’s too busy spinning around his shed! He has no control over his feet now… they have a mind of their own! 

Zongo’s panic increases and he squeezes his ‘partner’ tighter and tighter! Be careful Zongo! But it’s too late, the beanpoles break apart, fly across the room and Zongo lands in a pile of compost! Oh no! He’s covered in muck!

Zongo sits in the dirt and groans. He’s had enough and wants to give up. How can his friends find dancing so easy, when he can’t get the hang of it? Buddy comforts him and tells him that nobody is good at everything. His friends may be able to dance, but no one can grow vegetables like he can! Zongo shakes the compost off and looks around at his beloved plants. 'I wish dancing was as easy as growing fruit and vegetables.' Buddy explains that learning new things is like gardening. A seed will always be a seed unless you plant it, but if you do plant that seed and care for it every day, it will grow into something beautiful. Zongo understands that gardening takes time and patience, and he suddenly grasps that dancing does too. All he needs is a little more time, patience… and lots of practice! Zongo fixes his ‘partner’ and starts again… a little slower this time!

The gang are sitting down to supper when Zongo appears. He makes his way over to Slimon and offers him his hand. Slimon takes it and Zongo starts humming the Tango. Zenji accompanies him on her drum and the excited gang hum along too! Zongo’s nervous now! He takes his first step but… he stands on Slimon’s tail! Slimon squeals, but Zongo apologises and gives him a rose. Slimon’s tickled pink! He puts it in his mouth and the gang clap in encouragement. Zongo focuses, breathes deeply and starts the dance again. They tango in the moonlight while Zongo sings 'Little Seed'. The gang join Slimon and Zongo on the dance floor. They’re thrilled! Zongo looks around at his smiling friends and realises that dancing can be great fun…  with a little time and a little patience!

(Tune ref: La Cumparsita)   

A seed’s just a seed,

If you don’t plant it, 
That’s all it will be,

But if you plant it,
Then you will see,

That little seed grow!
Dum, dum-dum, dee-dum, dum!
All a seed needs,

Is time and patience,
And you must believe,

With time and patience,
That you will see,

That little seed grow!
Dum, dum-dum, dee-dum, dum!
The seed’s just like me,

All I need is  
To trust and believe,

With time and patience,
That I will see,

That little ME grow!
Dum, dum-dum, dee-dum, dum!


The gang have gathered at Sandycove after a wind-storm. They’re armed with burlap sacks and are tidying up the beach. Zenji is banging her drum and everyone is singing, 'We've got a sack each and we’re cleaning up the beach!' when Wuzee notices something glinting in the sun. What can it be? She looks closer. It’s a bottle and there’s a map inside. It must be a treasure map! Wuzee is very excited! She looks around. Nobody else has noticed! She could tell the others about her discovery but then she’ll have to share her fortune!

Wuzee makes her excuses and sneaks away to look for the treasure - all by herself! She races into the forest and rushes to where X marks the spot on her map. It’s Slimon’s cave! She rummages around his garden but doesn’t find any treasure! Wuzee’s disappointed so she calls on Buddy, who explains that treasure can be found anywhere… if you look hard enough! Wuzee happily realises that the pretty map in itself is a treasure! Wuzee plays Focus Pocus on her way back to the beach and discovers a garland of Chinese Lanterns, a golden sunflower and a lovely silvery stick. She marvels at every detail, before putting each item carefully in her sack. The others are going to be green with envy when they see her swag!

The gang have finished cleaning the beach and are playing pirates when Wuzee returns. They’re making a ship from their sacks which are now bulging with debris… It’s a friend-ship! Wuzee announces that she should be captain of the pirate ship because she’s found… TREASURE!  She whisks out her bag of swag and takes out the first item. Everyone Oohs and Ahhs when they see the heart-shaped Chinese lantern flowers… but Zongo and Tenzo are especially excited! The garland is bursting with buddylicious tomatoey fruit! Zongo would love to plant some in his garden and Tenzo would love to cook some for lunch! 

Wuzee gloats in their excitement and pulls out her second prize... the golden sunflower! Now Zuki is over the moon – it’s her favourite flower! Slimon smacks his lips. They’re his favourite snack too! Wuzee is very pleased with herself now. She pulls out her third find and Zenji’s eyes almost pop out when she sees it! The silvery branch would make a fantastic drumstick! Wuzee is now a very smug bug indeed! 

Wuzee finishes with her pièce de résistance – the treasure map! This time, Slimon is tickled pink! He’s been feeling quite forgetful recently so he’d drawn a map to his cave in case he got lost! He’d put it in a bottle for safekeeping and had been wondering where it had gotten to. Everyone rolls around giggling as Wuzee haughtily puts all of her treasure back in her sack. Well, it’s MY map now… finders keepers! The Buddybugzz gasp – What?! She’s not going to share!?

No one’s in the mood to play pirates now and the gang decide to go home. Wuzee doesn’t care! She’s off to enjoy the treasure all by herself! She finds a quiet corner, empties out her swag and looks at it again… but hold on, it doesn’t seem quite as exciting now! She’s found treasure, so why does she feel bad? 

Wuzee breathes deeply and her stellar friend appears. Buddy reminds her that her friends have more use for the treasure than she does… and her friends are more precious than any fortune. Wuzee feels ashamed and selfish! She suddenly realises that friendship is the best treasure of all! She races over to the gang and divides the swag among her delighted friends. Giving the treasure away feels way better than keeping it… and Wuzee feels amazing now! Zenji bangs her drum, Wuzee starts to dance and soon everyone joins in!


When pirates hunt for treasure,

They search over sea and land,
They use old maps and wear fancy hats,
But they don’t understand,
They SHOULD be looking for treasure

That’s much closer at hand!
The finest treasure of all,
Helps you up when you fall,
It helps you laugh, helps you sing, 
It helps you do the right thing.
The finest treasure,
Comes in every shape and size,
You’ll find pleasure that lasts forever,
Once you notice and realise,
That FRIENDSHIP is that treasure,
There IS no better prize.


Wuzee and Zenji are in the Greenyard cleaning up after breakfast. Zenji throws an apple core in the trash and Wuzee tuts! THAT belongs in the compost bin! They finish up and join the others who are humming at the village table. Zenji picks up her drum to join in – but her tipper has disappeared! Oh no, where can it be?! There won't be any drumming until it’s found! Everyone is upset, except for Wuzee. She’s excited! She quizzes Zenji and writes every detail down on her clipboard. Wuzee loves playing detective! She considers herself an expert at solving mysteries, making lists and being in charge. She prepares a detailed action plan and forms a search party, while Tenzo stays behind to make lunch.

Zenji had meditated at Sandycove that morning so Wuzee gathers the troops and they go to the beach. When they arrive, she instructs the gang to dig where Zenji had been – just in case the tipper had gotten buried in the sand! Wuzee barks out orders as she oversees the digging. They dig and dig, but the tipper isn’t there! Wuzee ticks Sandycove off her list and does a headcount. Oh no! Slimon’s missing now! They hear spluttering and look over to see Slimon’s head appearing from a mound of sand. He'd taken a nap and gotten buried – and he isn’t very happy about it at all! Next on Wuzee’s list is Zongo’s garden. Zenji had gone there to collect apples for breakfast. The gang arrive at the apple tree and Wuzee orders Zongo to climb it –  just in case a bird had flown into its branches with the tipper in its beak! Zongo reluctantly climbs the tree, but the tipper isn’t there. An apple falls on his head. Ouch! It bounces on the ground and then rolls into a nearby hole. Wuzee adds the hole to her list  and insists that Slimon slides into it – just in case the tipper had rolled inside. Slimon grudgingly does what he’s told, but the tipper isn’t there. He emerges, covered in mud with a worm on his head. Poor Slimon! Wuzee ticks Zongo’s garden off her list. The gang, who are tired and getting grumpy, ask her where they are off to next. 'Hum Village,' she says. Everyone beams at each other in relief. 'For lunch?' they ask, hopefully. 'Lunch? No way! We will not rest until the tipper is found!' Wuzee punches the air as Slimon’s tummy rumbles loudly. A confident Wuzee marches back home, followed by her disappointed friends.

Tenzo looks down at the village table and smacks his lips! Yummy! He’s made all of Zenji’s favourites, a lettuce roll, beanie bangers and mash, and carrot drumsticks. You can’t beat carrot drumsticks! He gathers the peelings and leftover ingredients and disappears into the Greenyard. These will make great compost! 

The gang’s jaws drop when they arrive back and see Tenzo’s feast, but Wuzee tuts with disapproval! 'We can’t eat now. There’s only one more place on my list!' Slimon’s tummy rumbles again as Wuzee strides  towards Zenji’s hut. 'Follow me! I know where the tipper is!' The gang sigh and are about to follow her when Tenzo emerges from the Greenyard waving Zenji’s tipper in the air. 'Is this what you’re looking for? I just found it in the compost bin!' Zenji had thrown it out by accident after breakfast! YIPPEE! The gang burst into applause. Hurrah for Tenzo! They congratulate him and commend his detective skills. Tenzo blushes, 'I didn’t do much! It was just kinda sitting there!' The hungry gang tuck into Tenzo’s delicious feast and praise him some more! Zenji is very relieved and everyone’s thrilled… but Wuzee’s in a sulk! She stomps over to the Greenyard, crumples up her list and throws it in the bin! Why is Tenzo getting all the praise? He found the tipper, by accident! The gang should be praising her! She made an awesome plan and supervised a search party! It’s not fair at all! Wuzee breathes deeply and calls on Buddy. She lets off steam and Buddy calms her down.

With Buddy’s help, Wuzee sees that she’d been a complete bossy boots – and her friends had paid the price! It’s no surprise that they praised Tenzo, he made everyone happy when he found Zenji’s tipper… and he deserves his praise! Wuzee suddenly realises that she had been jealous! Buddy explains that being happy for a friend’s good luck is much better than being jealous... and it feels much better too! Wuzee feels fabulous now! She returns to the table where everyone is eating and humming. Zenji’s playing her drum and beaming from ear to ear! Wuzee skips over to her and Tenzo and hugs them both before singing 'Happy for you, ooh, ooh.'


Ooh, ooh-ooh! I’m happy for you, ooh-ooh!
When you’re happy,
I’m happy too, ooh-ooh!

Yeay, hey-hey! You’ve had a great day, hey-hey!
I’m happy
things are going your way, hey-hey!

And boo, hoo-hoo, to anyone who, hoo-hoo!
To anyone who-hoo-hoo, isn’t happy for you, ooh-ooh!


Ooh, ooh-ooh! I’m happy for you, ooh-ooh!
When you’re happy,
I’m happy too, ooh-ooh!


The table in Hum Village is covered in crayons and paint pots. The Buddybugzz have just finished drawing their feelings! Zuki feels fantastic! She’s drawn the sun and her page is full of orange crayon. Everyone is wondering about what to do next when they notice Slimon’s page. It’s covered in black paint! Poor Slimon! They decide to play his favourite game to cheer him up! Slimon loves hide and seek! Zuki covers her eyes while everyone hides.

Tenzo clambers under the table but his bottom sticks out and Zuki spots him instantly! I see you! Tenzo giggles as he crawls out, but the table topples over and paint flies everywhere! What a mess! Tenzo is shocked and very upset! The gang abandon their hiding spots to check on him, while Zuki runs to her painting. Oh, no! Her orange sun is covered in black paint! It’s even darker than Slimon’s artwork now. She throws it on the ground. Tenzo says he’s sorry but Zuki’s furious. ‘Sorry’ won’t make her painting better. She yells at him and stamps her foot but it sticks to her page. She tries to shake it off, but it won’t budge! 

Slimon enjoys the fiasco while the others giggle, but this makes Zuki more annoyed! She bends to pick up her artwork but… it’s disappeared! Humph! She spins around and stomps towards her hut. She doesn’t realise that her painting is stuck to her bottom! The gang erupt in giggles, except for Tenzo who sniffs away a tear. Zuki’s fuming now and she slams the door of her hut. BANG!

Zuki’s fantastic day has turned into the worst day ever. Can she make it better? She summonses her Buddy, who points out the window and Zuki notices her crestfallen friend. She can’t believe that one-minute Tenzo was so happy and the next so sad… and it’s all because of her! Zuki slumps down in a chair and discovers the painting on her bottom! So that’s why they were giggling! Even she can see the funny side now! With Buddy's help, Zuki realises that she overreacted and feels very ashamed. She rushes outside to apologise, but Tenzo and the gang hide when they see her. Nobody wants to be in Zuki’s line of fire!

Zuki sadly retreats to her hut. She can always make another painting, but she can never replace Tenzo -  She must show him exactly how sorry she is! Zuki and Buddy consider several grand gestures as she idly scratches at her art. 


Hold on! What’s that peeking out through the paint? She scratches some more and orange crayon appears! She continues until she’s scraped away a portrait of Tenzo. Oh-My-Gosh! This paint-scratched, crayon-painting is even better than her original art… It’s fabug-ulous!

Zuki runs outside, but the gang hide from her… again! She climbs on top of the table and shouts out an apology to an empty Hum Village. Still unsure, the gang peer out from their hiding places and one by one they cautiously re-emerge. Zuki apologises to Tenzo and hugs him. He’s thrilled with his fabug-ulous portrait and forgives her straight away! Zenji bangs a beat and the gang all hum and dance along to her drum.


The Sun and Moon play hide and seek,
Each day and every night,
Morning calls the sunbeams out,
To make the dark sky bright.
When evening falls the sunbeams hide, 
And the Moon comes out to play,
She twinkles with the stars all night, 
Then hides at the start of day.
My sunny smile plays hide and seek, 
With my gloomy frown,
They play a lot throughout the week, 
When I’m happy or feeling down.
My sunny smile will hide and wait, 
For my frown to disappear,
My sunny smile’s just hiding,
Until the coast is clear.
Happiness is always there, 
Even when she’s out of sight,
She’s just playing hide and seek,
Like sunbeams in the night.
And when Happiness is hiding, 
She won’t hide for very long,
'Coz she‘ll come back out to play, 
When I sing this song.

Image: Tango Seed

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