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The COVID 19 crisis will pass, but how we think, live and interact with others has changed forever. Buddybugzz embodies this global change. This series is more relevant now, than it ever could have been before. It is now time to integrate mental-health-boosting TRAIT MINDFULNESS into the lives of the next generation! 

Mindfulness Meditation  >>>>


Meditation is a mindfulness exercise. It is just one of the many mindfulness exercises we can do to achieve state mindfulness (a temporary state of relaxation and awareness). The most common mindfulness meditation is called a body scan. This is when we hold our full attention on our body and breath, with kindness and without judgement for the duration of our meditation. 

Mindfulness Practice      >>>>


This is when we complete mindful exercises regularly with a view to achieving Trait Mindfulness. Common exercises include meditation, breath control, and mindful seeing, listening and eating. Any action can be a mindfulness exercise once we bring our full focus and attention to what we are doing and complete the activity without judgement and with kindness . 

Trait Mindfulness


Trait or dispositional mindfulness is the goal of mindfulness practice. It is implementation of a set of skills and techniques that generate a state of mindfulness. It cultivates an attitude that is non-judgmental, curious, and kind. With Trait Mindfulness, we can switch on a mindful state whenever we want! It is the art of living mindfully. We achieve this by regularly incorporating mindfulness practice (awareness, purpose and intention) into our day.

The Buddybugzz show our viewers how to do just that!

The Buddybugzz are all about Trait Mindfulness. This is the most beneficial and long-lasting form of mindfulness, and it can be high-energy and fun!                                                                                         Further information 

trait mindfulness
  • Experts worldwide recommend practicing mindfulness to cope with COVID 19 pandemic stress.


  • Mindfulness can help. This simple technique helps us to be content in ourselves and in our own company. It enables us to replaces stress with acceptance and teaches us how to be grateful even in impossible situations. The Buddybugzz provide children with coping tools that they will use throughout their lives.


  • The Buddybugzz bring the benefits of mindfulness to a mainstream audience by inte-grating mental health boosting techniques into their fun stories, songs and adventures. 

  • Mindfulness is to mental health what diet and activity are to physical health. By promoting a mentally healthy lifestyle, the Buddybugzz will be mental health role models for the next generation. 



  • 20% of children suffer from mental health issues, some starting as young as three, it is no surprise that doctors worldwide, recommend mindfulness as a safe and beneficial therapy for children suffering from anxiety, stress and other mental health issues.

  • Millions of children practice mindfulness every day. 95% of K8 Schools (USA), offer it to their students and it's currently being introduced to the vast majority of schools worldwide.


  • The mindfulness market has grown from $1.2 billion ('17) to $2.8 billion ('20) and is expected to rise to $9.0 billion by 2027. The children’s section of this market is completely under-served.

  • Mindfulness is already part of main-stream culture, yet there is currently no mindfulness-based, cross-platform, children's entertainment brand to satisfy consumer need.  Market conditions are perfect for Buddybugzz, the demand is already there.

  • Mindfulness can be incorporated into ANY activity. The Buddybugzz adventures are infused with mindfulness techniques which can be mirrored easily by young viewers. It’s easy for children to practice mindfulness frequently, when its combined with things they already love to do!

Throughout the series:

  • The Buddybugzz concentrate on four key elements of trait mindfulness, inner voice awareness, focusing, conscious noticing and breath-work.

  • The Buddybugzz learn how to mindfully explore and label their feelings

  • The Buddybugzz discover how to have a positive relationship with their thinking voice. 


  • They use mindfulness techniques when they encounter problems or stressful situations.

Learn how we integrate mindfulness into our stories in our Bible

  • Google and many other global leaders, integrate mind-fulness within their workplace because it eases stress, boosts employee morale and improves productivity. ​


  • ​Mindfulness increases neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins.  

       The Buddybugzz will literally make children happy

  • Mindfulness practice can reverse the effects of over stimulation to the brain caused by technology.



Mindful living is becoming the norm for millions of children worldwide, yet there are no mindfulness-based products for them on the market today. Our unique concepts, derived from the Buddybugzz play patterns, are designed to entertain AND benefit children’s mental health!
Buddybugzz Product Range Examples:


  • Buddybugzz Activity / Toys - e.g. Buddybugzz bubble dispensers for mindful breathing, Buddybugzz tableware for mindful eating 

  • Buddybugzz STEM Playsets  - e.g. Zuki’s arts and crafts, Tenzo’s cooking, Zongo’s gardening, Slimon’s recycling, Zenji’s music and Wuzee’s exploring playsets

  • Buddybugzz Publishing - e.g. story books, mindful activity books, mindful colouring books

  • Buddybugzz Plush Puppet  - e.g. Character puppet with matching Buddy finger-puppet - to encourage positive self-dialogue.

  • The Buddybugzz App - e.g.  mindfulness games, guided meditations, daily affirmations, and physical and mental mindfulness exercises! 

  • Buddybugzz Music and DVDs - e.g. (mindful) exercise DVDs, series songs, guided meditations.

By combining mindfulness and play, the Buddybugzz groundbreaking, mental-health-promoting TV series and product range has the potential to become a market leader -  worldwide.

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