Mindfulness meditation

A body scan is the most common type of mindfulness mediation, this is when you hold your full attention on your body and breath, with kindness and without judgement for the duration of your meditation. It is just one of the many mindfulness exercises people do to achieve a temporary mindful state.

Mindfulness practice

This is when we complete mindful exercises regularly with a view to achieving Trait Mindfulness. The most common exercises include meditation, breath control, and mindful seeing, listening and eating. We can apply mindfulness to any activity if we bring our full focus and attention to what we are doing and complete the action with kindness and without judgement. 

Trait Mindfulness

Trait or dispositional mindfulness is the goal of mindfulness practice. This when we can switch on a mindful state whenever we want, it is the art of living mindfully. We achieve this by regularly incorporating mindfulness practice (awareness, purpose and intention) into our day.

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