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Deep in the heart of Hum Forest live a tribe of furry explorers called the Buddybugzz.


These resourceful, curious creatures use mindfulness to investigate their world and to help them on their fun and quirky adventures!


Read about the Buddybugzz in our Bible,

or discover how we integrate mindfulness AND fun into our stories and scripts!

Buddybugzz is endorsed by Ireland's National Broadcaster, RTE



The Buddybugzz talk to themselves a lot! And, when they do - Buddy appears! Buddy is each character’s thinking voice, their mindful hero! Buddy helps each Buddybug figure out their thoughts, inspect their feelings and navigate their problems, so the Buddybugzz can find peace of mind - even in fur-raising circumstances!

Read more about Buddy

in our BIBLE 


The Buddybugzz thoughts are brought to life by Buddy, who guides them on epic journeys of self-discovery!


And when they sing, dance, and hum to the beat of Zenji’s drum, the Buddybugzz discover lots of ways to be mindful, even when their gloomy friend Slimon, is glum!


MEDITATION is beneficial, but let’s face it… it’s NOT the most fun or exciting thing for kids to watch on TV! If we want kids to STAY tuned in… THEY MUST BE HAVING FUN!


The Buddybugzz transform everyday activities into wellbeing games. They LIVE mindfully. They practice TRAIT MINDFULNESS which is all about:


•          BREATH-WORK and

•          TRAINING your THINKING VOICE to be a FRIEND


And the Buddybugzz bring these elements to screen with gusto!

The Buddybugzz will redefine your expectations of mindfulness! Every episode explodes with humour, action and songs that will inspire viewers to find magic in everyday things.

Mindfulness helps children to focus and learn, it also boosts their serotonin, melatonin and endorphins!

When children watch THIS show they'll be calm and happy!  

We aim to give kids a takeaway that will last their entire lives.


They sing and hum

and dance and drum,
They live on Omm Island

in the Forest of Hum.
They’re mindful! They’re crafty!

They recycle & reuse!
They forage in the forest

and grow buddy-licious food!
They play Focus Pocus

when they want to explore!
This game helps them

notice much more!

When help is needed

Buddy appears!
To think out their thoughts

and talk through their fears!

Slimon’s their pal,

and although he’s quite glum,
they always let the Slug

join in their fun!
They fill every day

with giggles and love!
They are the fabug-ulous...


Image: Tango Seed

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